How can I switch between tournaments?

Bet on different competitions with your friends. To do this, switch between the various competitions in the match day overview above. You will not only find the 1st Bundesliga and the Champions League, but also international leagues such as Europe League, Premiere League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Primera División, the Super League and others.

How can I invite friends to my group?

After you have created a group, you can directly invite your friends using the group code. The group code can be found in the group under Info. Pass the code on to your friends, e.g. via messenger, email or otherwise. They can enter it in the group overview under “Join group”.

Which leagues are there?

Currently we have 1. & 2nd Bundesliga, 3rd league, Super League, Austrian Bundesliga, Super League, Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Primera División, Süper Lig, Jupiler League, Eredivisie, Pirmeira League, Premjer League, European and World Championships, Champions League, Europa League and the DFB Cup in the program!

By when do I have to submit my master bet?

Until when you have to enter the correct bet is stated in the various leagues. You get 10 points for the correct master bet.

What is the match day ranking?

You can find the match day ranking under Group Ranking -> Match Day Ranking. It always refers to the previous game day and shows how the other players fared. A new winner will be chosen on the next match day. You can see how often you bet better than your fellow players on a matchday in the new matchday ranking – matchday wins.

Can I also use Tippspiel on other smartphones / tablets?

You can use Tip Game for Friends on all your smartphones and tablets. But even if you don’t have a smartphone ready, our web version is available to you. There you have access to the same functions as in the mobile app. Just log in with the same account and all your tips and groups can be found here as well. You can sign into the web version here:

How do I color the app in the colors of my club?

You can change the design of the app in your profile. First select the main color. Then you can choose the highlight color, i.e. the color of the icons and buttons.

My season ticket / my annual ticket disappeared after a new installation. How do I get it back?

Your purchases are tied to your account and are automatically restored after you have logged in again.

I don’t get an email to reset my password. What can I do?

Most likely the email ended up in your spam folder. If you haven’t received an email there, please contact Note: If you have logged in via Facebook or Google: If you have forgotten your password for these login data, please reset your password on the respective platforms.

How can I turn off push notifications?

You can turn off push messages in your profile. Open your profile and choose which push notifications you want to receive.

Is the number of my groups limited? Is the number of group members limited?

No. You can join an unlimited number of groups or create as many groups as you want. The number of players per group is limited to a maximum of 25 members. If you want to start a group with more than 25 members, our premium groups are available to you. You can find more information on our landing page under “Premium Gruppen”.

How does the distribution of points look like?

You receive 3 points for a game you win, 2 for the correct goal difference and one for the correct team tendency. You will not receive a point for the wrong result.

Until when can I submit my bet before the game?

Your guesses must be entered by kickoff. You can change it as often as you like until then.

How and when can I see my friends’ bets?

This function is available to you after purchasing an annual ticket or a season ticket. After kick-off, check out what your friends have betted on. To do this, open the individual encounter and select the respective group. In addition, you can now see the winner of the day in your group after every matchday. Who showed the best betting skills on this match day?

I cannot log into Facebook. What can I do?

If you have problems logging into Facebook, please try the following steps:

I have an iPhone, iPod or iPad
Open the Facebook app and tap the icon in the top left corner. Scroll down the menu and click on “Ausloggen”. Open the Facebook app and tap the icon in the top left corner.

Now open the device settings. If you should find a logged-in account under the menu item “Facebook”, delete it from the settings. (This process only deletes the account from your device, not the account itself).

Then log in again with your username and password Now close all open apps using the home button. Now try to log in to Tippspiel für Freunde again.

If you still cannot log in via Facebook, open the device settings again and scroll to the point “Facebook” and check whether Tippspiel für Freunde is authorized to use Facebook.

I don’t have an Apple smartphone or tablet
Log out of the app and the device settings as well. Scroll in the menu to the item “Accounts”. Tap on the three dots in the top right bar and press “Remove Account”. No Facebook data is deleted here either.

Restart your device and open the device settings again. Click on “Account hinzufügen”. Now log in to Facebook.

Now open Tippspiel für Freunde and log in with Facebook.

How do I put in a bet on my smartwatch? (Only for iOS)?

To bet on upcoming games with your AppleWatch, your watch must be paired with your device. You also need to be logged into the app on your device. Open the app on your smartwatch. Now you can enter a number by tapping in the field. One click means a goal. So if you want to bet 2: 1, you have to click twice in the left and once in the right field. To save the guess, you will find a corresponding button under the tip fields.

How can I be reminded of upcoming, games I have not bet on yet?

You can switch the “Tipperinnerung” function on and off in the settings for push messages.

Which result will be counted after an extension?

In competitions such as the DFB Cup or international tournaments, the result is counted after 90 minutes, otherwise after 120 minutes, penalty kicks are not counted.

How do I sort all of my competitions by date?

On the tap screen, open the menu where you can change your competitions. Here you will find the menu item “Meine Wettbewerbe nach Datum”. Click on this and all your selected competitions are sorted by date.

How do I turn competitions on and off?

The competitions can be switched on and off on the tap screen. To do this, go to the settings screen and tap the red “-” to deactivate competitions and the green “+” to activate them. Here you can also change the order of the competitions. Hold down the three lines on the right edge of a tile and drag the competition to the desired position.

Where can I find an overview of the most recent team performances?

From now on, the team form, which shows the outcome of the last four games of a team, is displayed on the typing screen of a match under the guessing tendency. S stands for victory, N for defeat and U for draw. You get this feature with an annual or season ticket.

Where can I see the current results during a game?

The live score is displayed on the betting screen while the game is running.

How can I turn off a group chat?

You have two options to mute a chat: As before in your profile under the menu item “Settings for push messages”, or directly in the group chat. To do this, you have to tap on the colored speech bubble to the right of the group name. When this turns gray, the push notifications for this group are switched off.